The Community Membership


  • Membership to the private online community
  • Access to all workshops, resources, downloads, and tutorials
  • Coworking Office Hours with experts
  • Private sessions with Advisor Roots consultants at $250/hr

You are signing up for a NEW membership. If you are part of an organization with an existing membership and are trying to join your organization, please do NOT continue on this page. Reach out to your team admin to join your team via your invite link.

By proceeding, you will create a team admin account and be responsible for billing and seat management for your organization. Please choose how many seats you’d like and a name for your organization on this page. On the next page, you will create your admin account. Once your account is established, you will be able to invite other team members and account managers. You can also change the number of seats on your account if you need to in the future.


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